Our Value

Supporting and advancing your next idea

Our vision is to build a global center of health excellence, where thought leaders will converge to address current issues, evaluate emerging trends, and find new solutions to radically transform and reshape our industry.

Value Creation

The value we bring is helping people and organizations advance new ideas and commericalize them into the marketplace. Value is defined as both having purpose to help others achieve better health and deriving profits to sustain business outcomes.

Here are a few ways we generate value:

  • Commercially scaleable health solutions
  • IP protection, licensing, & royalities
  • Equity value and returns from startup
  • Distribution channel access
  • Data access for R&D
  • Collective wisdom of the ecosystem

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Centers of Excellence

We are focused on developing health innovation through seven comprehensive areas of focus that make up our Centers of Excellence. Here, we identify, define, and measure the most important issues facing health today, then create, aggregate, and share the best ideas available to provide solutions.

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    Next Generation Consumer Engagement
  • Icon of riding bike
    Wellbeing & Human Performance
  • Icon of hand touching phone
    Digital Health & Remote Management
  • Icon of monitor with heartbeat
    Computational Health
  • Icon of stethescope in shape of heart
    Care Delivery
  • Icon of price tag
    Health Care Financing
  • Icon of health book
    Health Policy

Innovation Process

We are rapidly advancing imaginative thinking into tangible solutions to address the health challenges that people face. Through a proprietary process, we deliver leading innovation services across five key phases of the Innovation Journey: curation, ideation, incubation, acceleration, and commercialization.

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Intelligently organizing purpose and focus

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Discovering new thoughts and ways to do things

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Nurturing valued ideas into new solutions in the form of goods, services, or new companies

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Validating and advancing forward existing solutions to ensure they are ready to be fully utilized in the market

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Maximizing the market potential of strong health solutions by optimizing manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution

Innovation CoRETM

As a next generation workspace, Innovation CoRETM (Collaborative Resource Ecosystem) brings together business leaders, global academic communities, and entrepreneurs to create health innovations that reshape health care. The Innovation CoRETM provides working space and technology for developing new ideas from concept to market launch. Through its integrated business services, just-in-time collaboration spaces, and data and intelligence systems, physical resources are now easily available to solve the biggest challenges in health.



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